Budget Divas

Budget Divas

Hosted by: Jenn Trinidad

In this podcast, we talk about money mindset strategies that will keep you motivated and focused on your debt-free journey while living on a budget you can afford. I share how Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University...

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How To Have An Abundance Mindset - With Kiana Vallente

Episode #14

#014 In today's episode, college student Kiana Vallente shares her story of how she is paying for college out of pocket while raising her 8-month old son with her partner, juggling two jobs, AND studying for her real...
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How To Beat Budget Burnout And Overwhelm

Episode #13

 #013 Many of you tell me that budgeting is so hard. The number one reason is that it is overwhelming, stressful, and downright boring. And I completely agree 100%. Looking at your budget on a daily basis, reconciling...
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How Bryant Achieved Financial Freedom By Eliminating Six Figures of Student Loan Debt

Episode #12

#012 In today's episode, Bryant Cabrera shares his incredible story of how he paid off over $100k of student loan debt! Bryant didn't win the lottery, get an inheritance, or have a magic wand to make it disappear. He...
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Tips From A Travel Blogger - With Melanie Yamaguchi

Episode #11

#011 Now that the world is opening up again and returning to some sense of normalcy, you must be anxious to take a much-needed vacation somewhere. But if you’re not a frequent traveler or just can’t make up your mind,...
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How Sarah Went To College Debt-Free Using The National Guard School Benefits

Episode #10

#010 In today's episode, Sarah shares how the National Guard allowed her to gain valuable work experience while going to college 100% debt-free. Sarah shares how members of the National Guard are eligible for tuition...
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How Angela Paid Off $20,000 Of Debt During A Pandemic

Episode #9

# 009 On this episode of the Budget Divas podcast, Angela Leahey shares how had her "sick and tired of being sick and tired" moment (Dave Ramsey reference).  She decided to pay off the remaining $20,000 of her student...
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Sam Feeney on Planning For College Without Getting Into Debt

Episode #8

#008 Today's guest on the Budget Divas Podcast is Sam Feeney of! Sam is a certified college funding specialist who is passionate about equipping parents with the right tools to help guide their...
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How To Stop Saying "I'm So Busy"

Episode #7

#007Every year I pick a “word of the year” and in 2021 it was margin. In the past, I’ve stretched myself so thin by burning the candle at both ends that my body shut down and made me lie down and rest. Having margin...
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Feeling Overwhelmed Just By Hearing The Word Budget? Start Here.

Episode #6

#006 Feeling overwhelmed just by hearing the word budget? Start here.  Budget overwhelm is a real thing! Especially when we try to do too many things all at once. Today we are talking about what to do when you feel...
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How to stop keeping up with the Joneses

Episode #5

#005 - The Joneses are broke and are living a lie! In this episode, I share three ways on how to stop playing the comparison game and love the life you were meant to live. If you’ve ever watched the movie “Keeping up...
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Why you don't need a big income to start a budget

Episode #2

#002 - One of the things that I always hear is, "When I make enough money then I will start a budget." It is possible to start and live on a budget on any income. In this episode, I share three ways on how you can...
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How To Stay The Course When Life Gets Hard

Episode #1

#001 - Running to the debt-free finish line can be exhausting and tiresome. In this episode, I share why you need a tribe of cheerleaders in your corner and how to deal with the negative people around you. Example:...
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