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Are you tired of the constant financial stress that debt brings into your life? Ready to embark on a thrilling adventure towards financial freedom? If so, we have the secret to a debt-free life that's as exciting as it is effective!



You want a life where you're not just debt-free but thriving financially. Your money works for you, instead of the other way around. It's not just a dream – it's a reality waiting for you through our exclusive Debt-Busting Mystery Shopping Program!

And you've probably found yourself trapped in a cycle of mounting debt, constantly juggling bills and payments, and pondering the implications of your financial future:


  • Emotional Stress: Accumulating debt and struggling to meet financial obligations can lead to significant emotional stress.
  • Limited Financial Freedom: You might find it challenging to save for the future, invest in opportunities, or make significant purchases like a home or car.
  • High-Interest Costs: Debt often comes with interest payments, and the longer you remain in debt, the more you end up paying in interest.
  • You're afraid that you're the exception to the rule.

Know this, doubts are natural, but I'm here to CRUSH them with financial wisdom.

...and there is a path to financial freedom, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

I hope to EMPOWER YOU to regain control of your financial future.



Mystery shopping is no illusion; it's a real path to supplement income and break free from debt.

Imagine getting paid while enjoying what you love, erasing debt bit by bit. It's no magic, but it's a lifeline.

I'm here to guide you through this financial journey. Let's conquer doubts and achieve debt-free triumphs!

🌟 Why Mystery Shopping? 🌟


👉 Get Paid to Shop: Yes, you read that right! Mystery Shopping allows you to shop for the things you love while earning money. You'll dine in restaurants, stay in hotels, and enjoy countless shopping sprees – all while getting paid!

👉 Debt Demolition: Use your mystery shopping earnings to obliterate your debt. No more sleepless nights worrying about bills – it's time to take control of your finances.

👉 Adventure Awaits: Embrace the thrill of the unknown as you visit different stores, try out new products, and dine in luxurious restaurants – all expenses covered!

👉 Flexible Lifestyle: Mystery Shopping offers a flexible schedule. Work when and where you want, fitting assignments seamlessly into your life.

👉 Secret Shopper Community: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for adventure and financial freedom. Share tips, tricks, and stories from your exciting missions!


Let's not sugarcoat it: Every day you delay tackling this financial burden is another day it tightens its grip on your dreams and aspirations. But here's the good news – it's not too late to turn the tide and regain control.


Let's not sugarcoat it: Every day you delay tackling this financial burden is another day it tightens its grip on your dreams and aspirations. But here's the good news – it's not too late to turn the tide and regain control.



🚀 Step 1: Debt Demolition with Extra Income 🤑

Mystery shopping allows you to earn extra income on the side without compromising your social life. It's your secret weapon to tackle debt head-on while still enjoying the company of friends at dinners, parties, and outings.


💡 Step 2: A Smarter Financial Approach 🤓

Through mystery shopping, gain valuable insights into your spending habits. 💰 Budget Divas 💰 is the financial coach by your side, guiding you towards smarter choices. You'll make wiser decisions with money, gradually chipping away at debt.


🌟 Step 3: Crafting a Debt-Free Future ✨

With the extra income and newfound financial wisdom, set up a solid debt repayment plan. The more you mystery shop, the faster your debt will decrease. Dreams of a debt-free future are finally within reach.


💪 The Results: Financial Freedom and Social Fulfillment 🎉

The day you learn how to mystery shop is the day you will truly begin to live. Feel lighter, more confident, and in control of your finances.


🥂 Here's the best part – my social life had not only survived, but it had thrived. In fact, it had become even more exciting because I was no longer burdened by financial worries. 💃🕺


Join The Fun!

I'm sharing this story because I believe in the power of mystery shopping to change lives. It's not a gimmick; it's a proven method to unlock financial freedom while preserving your social life.

If you're ready to take control of your finances, break free from debt, and still enjoy a vibrant social life, then you're in the right place. Join me on this incredible journey, and I'll guide you through the steps to leverage mystery shopping to transform your financial future.

Don't let debt hold you back any longer. Embrace a life where financial freedom and a vibrant social life coexist harmoniously. It's time to write your own success story with the help of mystery shopping.

🔐 Get Started Today and Unlock Your Path to Financial Freedom! 🔐


Picture yourself with the power to choose how you spend your money, the vacations you take, and the dreams you make a reality. This is the life you've yearned for, and mystery shopping can be your key to unlocking it. It's not just about earning extra income; it's about rewriting your financial story. By becoming a mystery shopper, you embark on a journey towards financial abundance and freedom.


Unlock the Roadmap to Debt-Free Living Through Mystery Shopping, complete with all the essential templates and swipe files you'll ever need.

Discover how to create a rock-solid system that not only frees you from debt but does it efficiently, without compromising your precious time or identity. It's time to take control of your financial future and embark on a journey to financial freedom through the power of mystery shopping.


💰Your Path to Financial Freedom Begins Here 💰

Our comprehensive program takes you by the hand, guiding you through the exhilarating world of Mystery Shopping. Our expert coaches will teach you the ropes, from selecting the best assignments to maximizing your earnings. You'll learn how to:

✅ Find high-paying mystery shopping gigs

✅ Evaluate products and services discreetly

✅ Submit excellent reports to ensure you get paid

✅ Manage your finances strategically to crush your debt


💸 Financial Freedom Awaits You 💸

Imagine a life where debt no longer holds you back. Picture the freedom to travel, pursue your dreams, and live life on your terms. It's not just about paying off your debts; it's about reclaiming your life!


📢 Act Now and Transform Your Future 📢

Don't let debt dictate your life any longer. Join the ranks of savvy individuals who've turned their financial situations around through the exciting world of Mystery Shopping. Seize this opportunity to achieve financial freedom, adventure, and a brighter tomorrow!


You're going to




Take notes as you go so you have a cheatsheet whenever you need it.


Learn how to weave mystery shops into your schedule so that your personal life comes first.. instead of work being the main priority.


Step-by-step videos on where to start, the tools of the trade, and how to maximize your earnings!


This is not a one-sided course. Come to our LIVE coaching calls so you can ask questions. You'll also benefit from hearing the questions from your fellow mystery shoppers.


Access to "how-to" and best practices templates. Use these as a reference to fully understand the requirements of mystery shopping. 


Access to a 24/7 forum to ask daily questions, action plans, and celebrate your successes. Your success will inspire others to do the same. 

GIMME ACCESS TO The Budget Divas & Mystery Shopping Program

The Budget Divas & Mystery Shopping Program

Looking for a way to turn your everyday activities into a financial game-changer? Discover the secrets of becoming a mystery shopper and fast-track your journey to financial freedom! When you join, you will learn how to transform mundane tasks like grocery shopping, hitting the gym, dining out at fine restaurants, and enjoying entertainment venues into a lucrative money-making venture.

What You'll Learn:

⭐Getting Started: We'll guide you through the essentials of becoming a mystery shopper, from understanding the fundamentals to setting up your profile.

⭐Finding Shops: Learn the art of uncovering hidden opportunities and finding mystery shopping assignments in your area. Discover how to identify the most lucrative opportunities that align with your interests and lifestyle.

⭐Turning It Profitable: Dive into strategies to maximize your earnings and make mystery shopping a thriving side hustle. Explore tips for efficiency, meticulous reporting, and building lasting relationships with businesses.


Get your hands on the exact process I used to learn to enjoy life while still paying off debt.

Don't miss this chance to gain valuable insights, seize financial control, and embark on your journey toward a debt-free future. Join today, and let your everyday activities become the key to financial success!


Let's dive into the incredible transformations of individuals who, like you, pushed through doubt and followed a step-by-step tutorial to achieve their own financial success through mystery shopping.

  1. Cindy's Debt-Free Journey: Cindy, a professional burdened with student loans and credit card debt, initially doubted her ability to escape the financial rut. However, she decided to give mystery shopping a try after joining the Budget Divas & Mystery Shopping Program. With consistent effort and guidance, Cindy saw her debts dwindle month by month. She used her earnings strategically, paid off her student loans, and eventually became debt-free.

  2. Jae's Retirement Dream: Jae followed the program step-by-step and turned mystery shopping into a significant source of income. With perseverance and dedication, she managed to boost her savings substantially, eliminating doubts about her financial future. Now, she's looking forward to a well-deserved retirement filled with travel and relaxation.

  3. Andy's Work-Life Balance: Andy, a working mom, struggled to find a balance between her career and family life. She was skeptical about adding mystery shopping to her already busy schedule. Yet, she decided to give it a shot. Andy discovered that mystery shopping allowed her to earn extra income while running errands and spending quality time with her children. As she followed the step-by-step tutorial, she found herself transforming not only her finances but also her work-life balance. She now enjoys both financial stability and precious moments with her family.


Seriously girl, it really is much easier than you think!



These stories of triumph over doubt illustrate that the journey to financial freedom through mystery shopping is not without its challenges. Doubt may creep in, but it's essential to remember:

  1. Persistence Pays Off: The key to success is persistence. Even if you doubt your abilities initially, keep at it. With each completed mystery shopping assignment, you'll gain confidence and experience.

  2. Follow the Tutorial: Just like Cindy, Jae, and Andy, you can follow a step-by-step tutorial to navigate the world of mystery shopping. It provides the guidance you need to get started, find the right assignments, and maximize your earnings.

  3. Community Support: Connect with others on a similar journey. Joining a community of fellow mystery shoppers can provide motivation, insights, and support when doubts arise. Remember, you're not alone in this journey.



Meet Your Coach of the Budget Divas & Mystery Shopping Program

Hi! I'm Jenn Trinidad

My journey began like many others, with the weight of debt looming over my financial aspirations. Faced with the reality of mounting bills and a desire for financial security, I embarked on a quest to find a solution. That's when I discovered the world of mystery shopping.

Driven by determination and a thirst for financial freedom, I delved into the intricate art of mystery shopping. I learned to turn routine activities such as grocery shopping, dining out, and even visiting the gym into opportunities for earning money. I honed my skills in evaluating businesses, providing valuable feedback, and optimizing my mystery shopping endeavors.

As my husband and I continued on this path, we began to see our debts melt away. The extra income we generated from mystery shopping allowed us to tackle our financial obligations head-on. We diligently allocated our earnings to pay off debts, steadily and strategically, until we achieved the remarkable feat of becoming debt-free.

Our success story serves as a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with financial burdens. My passion for sharing my knowledge and experience has encouraged me to become a mentor in the world of mystery shopping. Through workshops, courses, and personal guidance, students of the Budget Divas Program take control of their financial destinies and working towards a debt-free future.

With determination, the right knowledge, and a touch of mystery, we can conquer debt and unlock the door to financial freedom.

"Seriously - Budget Divas is amazing!"

Jenn has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to budgeting. Most people don't like to create a budget because it sounds very restrictive. I was scared to create one myself. With Jenn's guidance, I learned that it's not scary at all! In fact, it showed me where I can make a few little changes to save more money! She also showed me how to make extra money to go towards my debt. I had felt overwhelmed and hopeless by my debt, but now I have a plan! I have already paid off over $41K of that debt! The Budget Diva's website has a lot of great information too! I love working with Jenn! 


Let's Talk Modules

The breakdown
Mystery Shopping Basics

Participants will learn the fundamental principles of mystery shopping as a tool for debt reduction. It serves as the foundation for their journey to financial freedom.

Introduction to Mystery Shopping

  • Understanding what mystery shopping is and its potential benefits.
  • Dispelling common misconceptions.

Getting Started

  • The essential tools and resources needed.
  • Setting up a mystery shopper profile.



Finding Profitable Assignments

This part focuses on locating and selecting mystery shopping assignments that align with participants' financial objectives and lifestyle.

Finding Mystery Shopping Opportunities

  • Strategies for discovering available assignments.
  • Navigating mystery shopping job boards and websites.

Choosing the Right Assignments

  • Evaluating potential assignments for profitability.
  • Ensuring assignments fit your schedule and preferences.

The Art of Negotiation

  • Negotiating higher pay and perks with clients.
  • Tips for building lasting relationships with businesses.



The final module ties everything together, guiding participants on their journey to debt reduction and financial freedom through mystery shopping.

Debt Elimination Strategies

  • Developing a customized debt reduction strategy.
  • Snowball vs. avalanche method and which is right for you.

Tracking Progress

  • Monitoring debt reduction progress.
  • Celebrating milestones and staying motivated.

Building Financial Security

  • Expanding mystery shopping efforts to enhance financial stability.
  • Planning for long-term financial goals beyond debt elimination.

The Budget Divas & Mystery Shopping Program gets you from A to Z in record time. This is your ticket out of overwhelm and into easy-breezy.

Let's get you started!

Not only will you get instant access to all the course materials, but you'll also get any future updates I throw in! You will receive direct access to me for all your burning questions and overcome the fear that has stopped you from becoming a budgeting and mystery shopping diva!

You're going to love these! 

Let's really fast-track your success!
  • BONUS 1 --> Schedule a 1-1 call with me (60 minutes) so we can create a strategy that helps you make back your initial investment!
  • BONUS 2 --> Videos on how you can take mystery shops on the go when you travel!
  • BONUS 3 --> Direct access to me for daily questions, motivation, and inspiration to keep you reaching towards your goals!

"Before signing up for Budget Divas, I was a couple of years away from paying off the rest of my student loans. During my one-on-one coaching sessions, Jenn helped me come up with a reasonable plan to start paying down that debt even faster and provided me with the tools to budget my daily expenses more effectively. Thanks to her guidance, I am now DEBT FREE -- a year earlier than I was supposed to be. Jenn and Budget Divas helped give me that motivation and confidence in myself that I CAN do it! Financial freedom is completely attainable! 

Melanie Y. 


"I enrolled in the course and contacted Jennifer for an one-on-one appointment because I needed some guidance. After our discussion, I took one shop. After I finished one, I gained some confidence. I did 12 mystery shops. I am now getting more leads. I feel more confident with the process. I had to just get out there. I'm so glad I had support from Jennifer-Budget Divas."

Jae G. 

Jenn is an amazing teacher, coach, and person. I appreciate her for introducing me to mystery shopping but also continuing to encourage me to do something that is actually been a beacon of light because this is so much fun. I needed an outlet more than I realized. I didn't think that I would find it through doing something like this. I very much appreciate her efforts and creating all that she's done to help others. She is a giver and I appreciate her. 

Andrea T.


"With everyone thinking about inflation, I'm super thankful for Budget Divas! I was going to go grocery shopping anyway and using her tips I just got paid $225 for 2 months! Thank you Jenn for always being so patient with me as I navigate through your program!"

Marilyn L. 

I'm ready to join!


Still Got Questions?

Budget Divas & Mystery Shopping Program

Have you ever thought about transforming your everyday routine into a cash extravaganza? Picture this: your regular grocery shopping, gym sessions, dining at fancy restaurants, and fun times at entertainment spots – all turning into your very own money-making machine!

In our fabulous program, you're going to get the lowdown on how to kickstart this adventure, find those hidden gems of assignments, and turn it into a side hustle that fills your pockets with green. It's like turning your everyday life into a thrilling financial fairy tale! So, grab your tiara and join us for the secrets to making money while living your best life. 💰✨

  • List of favorite strategies​ — learn how to maximize your time and money with various shops
  • The companies you NEED to know about. Get the reputable companies and avoid the scammy ones
  • Sample templates to speed things along
  • How to LEVEL UP — Start small and level up to the most profitable and coveted shops

My Parting Pearls of Wisdom

I totally get it – finding time for a new adventure can be quite the balancing act. But hey, this course? It's got these step-by-step videos that practically kick you into gear from the get-go.

Now, let's talk about mastering new skills. It's like having your own secret weapon. Imagine the sheer delight of getting paid for those romantic date nights, treating your kids to dining extravaganzas, and turning your travels into a money-making side gig. The path to thrill and financial triumph? Well, it's right there, waiting for you to seize it. So, what do you say? Ready for the ride of your life? 💃💰