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The three pillars you need to achieve financial freedom. 


A budget is like a GPS for your money. It tells you how to move forward and when you need to make a U-turn. 


Once you know where your money is going, start by decreasing the unnecessary expenses. Get creative and see what you can do without or do it yourself! 


After you've implemented your budgeting plan, it's time to start increasing your income to accelerate your debt-free journey!

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After years of trying to get my personal finances in order by saving money and cutting expenses, I found that I was getting nowhere because I wasn't living on a budget.

When I finally did a budget that worked for our family, we were able to pay off $90,000 in four years. But get this... $41,000 of that debt was paid off in ONE year. 


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Budget Divas is all about gaining confidence with your budgeting skills so you can  make the best money decisions in the current season of life and beyond. 

Form & Technique

Learn how to make a personalized budget that works for you. No hard math needed! 


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Ask a question when you are stuck. Get an answer that works specifically for your situation.  



"Thanks to Jennifer's one-on-one coaching sessions, I have been able to easily create my own budget by utilizing her simple budget worksheets, which made tracking my expenses a lot easier and approachable. She also helped me find ways to increase my income that fit my lifestyle the best. Jennifer's wealth of wisdom has truly been invaluable in empowering me to attain financial freedom, so I highly recommend her Budget Divas program!"


"Before signing up with Budget Divas, I had no idea where to even start when it came to budgeting. But after my one-on-one coaching sessions with Jenn, I have become much more proactive when it comes to tracking my expenses and looking for ways to save (and even make extra) money. As someone with thousands of dollars in student debt, I am now even closer to paying it all off thanks to Jenn and Budget Divas!"


"Jenn is a great mentor and I speak from personal experience. Jenn's mentoring put it into perspective step-by-step which made me successful in my role."





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