Budget Divas

Budget Divas

Hosted by: Jenn Trinidad

In this podcast, we talk about money mindset strategies that will keep you motivated and focused on your debt-free journey while living on a budget you can afford. I share how Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University...

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How To Get Your Spouse On Board With Your Budgeting Plan

Episode #4

#004 - In this episode, we talk about how to get your spouse on board without being pushy or controlling.  We'll discuss why it is important to lead by example, get your spouse's input, and dream together. When I...
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How to stop keeping up with the Joneses

Episode #5

#005 - The Joneses are broke and are living a lie! In this episode, I share three ways on how to stop playing the comparison game and love the life you were meant to live. If you’ve ever watched the movie “Keeping up...
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Why you don't need a big income to start a budget

Episode #2

#002 - One of the things that I always hear is, "When I make enough money then I will start a budget." It is possible to start and live on a budget on any income. In this episode, I share three ways on how you can...
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How To Stay The Course When Life Gets Hard

Episode #1

#001 - Running to the debt-free finish line can be exhausting and tiresome. In this episode, I share why you need a tribe of cheerleaders in your corner and how to deal with the negative people around you. Example:...
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