How To Stop Saying "I'm So Busy"

Episode #7


Every year I pick a “word of the year” and in 2021 it was margin. In the past, I’ve stretched myself so thin by burning the candle at both ends that my body shut down and made me lie down and rest. 

Having margin gives us that wiggle room to BREATHE. Not only in our finances, but in our self-care, and in relationships. 

I’ll be honest. I took my relationships for granted, thinking that when I reached my goals, THEN I would spend more time with my family and friends. 


2020 happened and it was taken away from us. 

I cried… 

Not only because of the world’s situation, but because I couldn’t physically see my family and friends.

I’m a hugger and I couldn’t do that. 

Zoom was a nice option but it wasn’t the same. 


I found a podcast by Brooke Castillo called “Throw Away Your To-Do List.” 

Totally changed my life. 

The sentence I stopped saying was “I’m so busy.” 

Here’s what happened:

·       My relationships got stronger

·       My brain felt at ease and I could BREATHE

·       I stopped working about the little things and focused on what mattered. 

In this podcast, I share my experiences after I implemented the process.